Thursday, August 17, 2017

Best Buddies

Time for a few more of the plastic dinosaurs!  These two presented some unique challenges.

First, the plastic was very flexible, which meant that I would have to be wary of hanging onto a tail and hoping to keep the figure steady!

Also, the material is like the BONES plastic, so mould lines pretty much are going to be in your way in some critical areas.

The task was to come up with some unique colors and patterns for these, so I tried to do that with not only colors but shapes as well.

This one was extremely flexible, which made painting the head and tail somewhat interesting :-)

While the colors on these two are not as bright as the others (no blues or reds, for example), I was more adventurous with the patterns and markings.

Now they get to frolic in the forests together!

There are more dinosaur images to come, so stay tuned!


  1. Excellent results! I have a batch of these models languishing in the pile since I bought them years ago for a Pulp game which never materialized. I feel inspired to fetch them out and have a go at painting them.

    1. Be sure to post pics! I do think you will have fun with them. Here at Gencon someone said they saw a booth with loads of fantastic Pulp figures...

  2. Some kind of ankylosaur and a... kentrosaurus? These look amazing, I really hope they hold up over time and the flexy plastic doesn't make the paint crack.

    1. No need to worry about that! The Badger Stynlrez primer holds on everything, like the BONES material (which is very similar to this!) :-)