Sunday, March 6, 2016

Jurassic Park

Yes, they play Blood Bowl in the jungle too!  This time around, we see one of the Saurus.

All the fine details cast so perfectly, it makes these guys a blast to paint!!

I continued with the same swamp style of basing, which lets me combine the bright colors with the subtle browns and tans.

For the rest of the players, I will continue with the reddish tones on any cloth or metal/armor surfaces.

I have a size comparison with one of the skins in this image...

Here's a link to the Lizard team, and many others!


  1. Haha, the title reminded me of how a friend used to play the Jurassic Park (it was just one movie back then) whenever we played Blood Bowl and he was fielding his Lizardmen team.
    As for your miniatures, I like the transition of colours on your Saurus. While it does not really remind me of any known lizard, it does make a very interesting scheme.

    1. Hehe... my old Lizardman team was called the Baton Rouge Lethal Lizards :-)