Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tiny Tanks

We return to the tiny realm of Flames of War, with the third Hotchkiss.

Since at least half of my French units will be done in a desert color scheme, I thought I might try that out on this vehicle.  Once again, it is the interesting horizontal bands which you see so often on French vehicles.  In this case, a Souma 35.

It had been a while since I was able to take a brush to one of the vehicles, so I had forgotten how small these are!  1/100 scale is small enough, but the medium and light tanks of the French are barely larger than a quarter in some cases!

The view from above gives a better sense of the desert shades.

These ground level images make it look almost like a 1/35 or bigger size kit :-)

Here's a comparison to one of the previously painted "France '40" themed vehicles.  I'm looking forward to trying out this split unit scheme on some mobile AA and the regular artillery pieces.

One more shot of the three Hotchkiss together!

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