Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finding the Fountain Of Youth

With the Wild West Exodus kickstarter just days away, we have the first of four new faction leaders, or Bosses.  

Meet Ponce De Leon, who has apparently discovered the Fountain of Youth.  It's not the most pleasant process, but eternal youth has its purposes!

He leads the Golden Army, one of four new factions that will join the existing six.

I look forward to painting all of them, but painting an army with this style army will be a real blast!!!!

The cloak also involved one of my favorite color combinations... that is, a deep red lightened with a rotting flesh type of color.  This keeps the reds from getting too orange, but there is enough yellow in that greenish shade to prevent the cloak from becoming pink.

I used a more orange type of color to lighten the inside of the cloak, and I used a lot of Fluorescent yellow in the golds.  That gave it quite a sparkle, as always!

Obviously I included the Fluorescent orange in the RJ-1027 glow.


  1. Well, well I've read that story before recently :)
    If the scale is right, they could perhaps be used for both systems.
    He looks great by the way, all the colours complementing each other, while not overdoing it. Very nice work!

    1. Many thanks! This will be a very fun army to paint!