Saturday, January 10, 2015

Foot and hoof...

Together at last!  The dismounted version of the banner bearer united with his alter ego on horseback!

It is fun to see the completed banner at last... although I don't seem to recall that he ever had the horse shot out from under him.

He was usually obscured by all the other knights around him, or moving too rapidly!

The 13 inches of movement every turn, coupled with the 4 chariots in the way of any bowmen meant that he was rarely targeted.

It certainly was fun watching all the dwarf archers in the tournament shooting like mad on those chariots, which are nowhere near as fragile as WFB Tomb Kings chariots!

The next post on the Easterlings will show some more of the lower grade Easterling pikemen in this color scheme.

It made it far easier to distinguish the Dragon Knights from the regular recruits, that's for sure!  Stay tuned...


  1. Great to see LOTR/Hobbit gamers out there. Fun game system, I think GW's best game.

    1. You Sir obviously hadn't played Epic Armageddon nor Blood Bowl :)

      Although I would rate higher both Necromunda Warmaster and Inquisitor too
      But thats just disputable personal preference rather than stone fact like with the twoi first

  2. I love those models but I am not sure about the scythe on the top :>