Thursday, December 25, 2014

Something to warm your heart on Christmas!

Here's a look back at something from Rothand Studios.  A massive fire golem!

This guy is HUGE!  I think the base alone is nearly six inches across!

Here's part one of a painting guide I made while working on him:

And part two:

Part Three, with a little help from Secret Weapon powders:

I just had to see what this bad boy was gonna look like on the red backdrop, which I have not used very often.  I think I may have to employ this again when I start doing some more Dark Eldar sets!

Go check them out!

I wish for you all the best of the Holidays... family, friends, alone, out of town, out of country, serving overseas... whatever your circumstances.  Take care, and enjoy!

Sit by the fire and stay a while!!!!


  1. Merry Xmas James! That's some great lava work. Who needs a fireplace with that guy around.

    1. He brings some broiling, stompy Christmas cheers wherever he goes! Like Santa!

  2. That is possibly one of the best lava applications I have seen on the internet. Saving for reference on my minis for later work.

    Happy Holidays!