Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cold winter, hot stove...

It's a fine day in Wappelville.  The sun is shining, it's 13 degrees and snowing, and planes are crashing into houses down the street!  What more could you possibly ask for?

When it gets cold outside, Chef Babo gets things going in the kitchen!

Wage has a new helper.  He washed a million resin parts a few weeks ago (this is only half of them).  More just arrived yesterday, so he's going to be very busy!

Babo decided to make some Parmesan Cheese biscuits.  They smelled so good while they were baking...

Voila!  Golden crusty cheesy goodness!!!

Uh oh, things are getting hot at the Wappelville Jailhouse as well!

I guess a few campfires got out of control.

Smokey says, "Only you can prevent Forest Fires".

Hmm... maybe it's bacon.  Who wants to hang those dirty Outlaws on an empty stomach?

This, by the way, is the small gallows from Burn in Designs.

Those Grey Knight bases got a few rounds of paint, as you can see.

Not quite finished, but moving along!!


  1. The biscuits look delicious!! Are they just typical dough plus the cheese, or something else? : )

    The walkways are really interesting and good looking. Why are they multicolored?

    1. It was a mix that some friends gave to me... wish I had more! :-)