Saturday, November 8, 2014

Breaking down barriers

Let's get Mr. Justin's (Secret Weapon Miniatures) excellent barricades and construction cones together with some Reaper BONES minis!

You can see that the scale of the cones is just right.

I can't wait to see these with some zombies in the mix!

This urban warrior is packing some serious firepower.

She runs through the construction site in search of more brain chomping monsters...

There are a few different types of concrete barriers in the Secret Weapon arsenal.  These are the damaged versions, but there are also more 'pristine' versions.

Check out what one set of each can do for a gaming table!!!

This should make any game of Zombicide more fun!!

Chop chop!

A few more 'glory shots' of the BONES minis and the cones.

From above.

Disco Stu is knockin' them down, guarding his Benjamins...

Something to hide behind.  Go get them!


  1. Very characterful, both the scenery and the survivors. Now the scene only needs some zombies :). Next on your list?

    1. Thanks! Since I wanted to link this to the reaper fb pages, I didn't want to include Zombicide figs in these shots. ;-)

  2. Awesome survivors, how do you use them in Zombicide?

    1. They have a mechanic which allows you to make up your own characters, which we have done with these. It's much more fun playing with your own character!

      You can download the blank cards and then figure out which combination of abilities they have...