Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some Work in progress on the Minotaur

Before I could get some paint on this guy, I had to finish off the base/plinth.  I really love these huge plinths from Secret Weapon.  The metal skeleton is part of a Secret Weapon set for basing.  The red material is Oxide Paste, as usual.

Some primer, and a set of basic colors.  I like to keep the colors simple, doing more mixing and less fooling around looking for the 'perfect' set of colors.

Adding a few more warm colors to the palette, which also lets me create some nice greens.

As with all shaded basecoat adventures... I start out in the middle, and work my way as light as I can.  The idea is to set up the glazing, tinting and shading that comes later.

Working lighter and lighter, creating new colors and shades along the way.

Getting into the brightest lights now.  I never use pure white to do this.  It is always an off white... in this case, I added yellow.

I did some final lights on the metals and a few parts of the skin.

The glazing stage is next!  Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for the step by step photos. I know it's always a bit difficult to stop what you're doing just to snap a photo (once you get into the groove), but it's appreciated. I always enjoy seeing how everybody works, especially when they are higher skill levels then myself :).

    1. I am glad they are helpful! Yes, it can be very difficult to take the step by step images, since it does disrupt the flow of things at the very least.

      It is not quite as bad with the LED lights now, since I don't have to get up and go somewhere else to shoot the images!