Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Minx coat ;-)

OK folks, I think some of you have heard that I am painting this very fine sculpt for the upcoming kickstarter from Minx Studios.

To make it even more special, I used one of the fantastic new plinths from Secret Weapon Miniatures to create a decorative base.

Step one was to grab some tin foil!

Then a bit of 'pre-sculpting' with the foil to make sure everything will be in the right position, angle and so on.

Over the top of the tin foil will go some of my favorite sculpting material, particularly for this type of base.  This is Apoxy sculpt.  I have done a number of posts on this material, and how I use it to create a variety of rocky bases.

It has many fantastic properties.  It is incredibly strong, but you can carve and sand it if necessary.
Using a little more water with it will make it more malleable, but it will not disintegrate. 

A thin sheet of the Apoxy sculpt is placed over the tin foil.  This does a few things.  First, it saves a lot of apoxy sculpt!, Second, you can actually use some of the rough texture of the crunched foil to make some very nice rock textures.

It also makes the whole piece a bit lighter, and easier to place the figure as well.

This is what it looks like after pressing it down in a few places with my fingers.

Using a few basic flat sculpting tools, I attempted to create strata in the rock face, as close to the concept art as possible.

These pictures show more refinement in the textures.

The sculpting phase is complete!  Once this sets up, I will add rocks and gravel, and other extras such as skulls, branches, etc.

This is the information on the Kickstarter, which is not far away!!!  Check it out!

Go Hawks.


  1. The one thing I enjoy so much about visiting blogs, is all the techniques and tips you pick up. I would have never thought to use aluminum foil as a method to create texture in a base. Very cool!!!!

    1. I try to include as many helpful tidbits as I can!! :-)