Sunday, April 20, 2014

Glazing to victory

A few quick shots of the glazing step by step prop.

This view shows the first three steps.  Keep in mind, the glazing technique does not break down this neatly into steps, but I tried to modify it a bit so that it would be more apparent.

I try to guide the glazes throughout the entire miniature as rapidly as possible, much like the initial shaded basecoat layer.

The final stages here.  Another crucial difference in these later stages of glazing is the switch to "lighter" glazes, in which lighter shades of opaque paint are mixed with glaze colors to create a semi translucent light color.  These are very fun to work with.

They also contribute greatly to fun, subtle color variations in the midtones, and help to create smoother blends.

First to last in these images.  Starting from Shaded Basecoat to final result.

The whole chorus line of trolls!  Start to finish.

Lots of very active painting here... rubbing away glazes with my fingers, a dried brush, or even a paper towel.

So, on to Reapercon!

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