Friday, April 11, 2014

Different Sisters, new primer

Here's something from a miniature Company called Svarog Miniatures.  

This is a set of four different Sisters of Battle possibilities... be they Inquisitors, Canonesses, Sister Superiors, etc.
They are resin kits that also come with sculpted bases specifically designed for each miniature.
The kits did have a few pieces, but it seemed to be pretty easy to get all of that together.

Also, not lots of crazy mould lines in impossible places, which was great!  That could have been possible with the relatively complex nature of the poses.

They come individually boxed like this:

This one was my personal favorite.  I am looking forward to painting all of them (in my green Sisters of the Raven scheme) and adding them to various squads.

Since all of the GW flamer Sisters are exactly the same, it is very nice to have this one.  However, I think I will be using it as a Heavy Flamer to add to Retributors, Dominions, etc.

This one is an unusual pose, but it could make a very interesting Mistress to lead a batch of Repentia.  I have tons of those, and this would be a nice change from the ancient metal version!

More flaming death!
The scale of these gals works just fine with the existing Sisters.  When these are painted, I will be sure to have side by side images with GW Sisters.

Here's a link:

This is also a new product for me... from Badger.  This is their new primer set.  I had heard many good things about it, and I think it is a winner.

I primed the above resin miniatures by brushing on the gray (have I mentioned once or twice or a thousand times how I love gray primer?!)  Those miniatures were straight from the package... no soaking, no washing.  The primer stuck right away, and was very solid.

I was even able to water it down in some places to get a little more control in very detailed or less robust parts.


  1. Ah. I'm always on the look out for new primer. ESPECIALLY acrylics I can shoot through the AB or brush on during the winter months indoors. Vallejo is my go to for that right now, but i will certainly give these a shot as i love badger's minitaire line. Thanks for the heads up. I forgot about these minis too. i love the sister with the neophyte too!

    1. Thanks! They work very well with regular brushes too, which is great for me!

  2. How do you think these compare in quality to the GW Sisters models? They look great!

    1. I think these are definitely better. The GW ones are more solid hunks of metal, with not lots of character...

  3. This is a great idea for when priming the base, I'd never thought of it.

    Interesting models too, looking forward to seeing what you can do with them

    1. The only reason I thought of it was that I kept misplacing the bases! I thought it might be easier to remember if they were stuck right to the dowel rod :-)