Thursday, January 9, 2014

Burned to a crisp

Meet Cinder... a fun little lava dragon that I painted a while back.  Originally I used it as a "Baby Bolrog" for Lord of the Rings.  I played with it in one game, and it was interesting.

I think with the new monster rules in the current version, it could be much nastier!

I was still learning the game at the time, so I think he could be far more useful now.

I put a bunch of skulls and skellies on the base for some extra interest.

I used the same basic lava technique as I did on the videos.  The fluorescent paints are incredibly useful!  Even the most firey orange looks like brown compared to those colors.  They are made by Vallejo.

A few things of note.  

I am calling on all loyal Wappellians to vote for this crazy blog on the Wamp miniature painting forums.  I was just informed that it is up for Blog of the year 2013!  Craziness!

No matter what, I am always very glad that anyone takes the time to check out my insane rantings!

Also, Cinder is here:


  1. Nice job... fluorescent paints for models? Interesting , may have to check those out... these techniques will be useful for Smaug if we ever get a model for him...

    1. They are the same Vallejo colors that you see over and over here on the blog. Check out the basing articles and some of the object source lighting titles for plenty more info!

  2. James besides noting this insanely Grandly Painted dragon BIS BIS more more would you happen to know anything on the release of your painting Dvd's ?

    1. Thanks! I am still working out how the post KS dvd's will work... who will distribute them, etc...