Saturday, October 12, 2013

A warped beginning

Using the new lighting, I was able to take some shots of an old terrain piece, one that was featured in a terrain building video.  It's the warp gate!

I had to redo this for the video, since there are some GW bits attached.  There was no way to remove them, so I built new ones.

If you look through the blog, you will be able to find some shots of this item in the final battle of a huge 4 part campaign.

This campaign involved secret maps, special characters, wargear, reinforcements, you name it.  The whole thing was all about control of this warp gate.

Rich had his Chaos marines, and I had my beloved Demonhunters.

After many hours, and lots of casualties, it came down to my unit of terminators vs what was left of a mix of marked units... Nurgle, Undivided, Slaneesh, etc.

Lots of crazy things happened, that's for sure.  The special character ended up killing a large number from each side.  You could not 'control' him.  He was only interested in the gate.  Whoever had 'control' of the gate is who he hung out with.

If he was threatened, he would use a psychic power to kill everything in a certain radius, no matter who it was.

I don't know how it would work with 6th edition.  It was 4th edition when we last played the scenarios.  Still, it would be fun to play on this thing again :-)

Once the new warp gate is painted, I will post those pics!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the terminator with the wings... outstanding, that was actually the model that made me play GK to start.

  2. Awesome skills!!!! Who is that red winged daemon dude?

    1. That is from Ultraforge. It can be assembled a few different ways, with different heads, arms, etc.