Friday, September 6, 2013

Why does it have to be snakes? Again.

We continue with the bases and movement tray for Kroak's Temple Guard unit.

By this point, I had glued the pieces of sculpey to the foam core pieces.  I also cut the 'edging' pieces, and glued those as well.

With all the edge pieces glued in, I made sure that all the individual bases fit OK.

Once I knew that all those bases were where they should be, I placed the ring around the Sacrificial Pit.  This pit will be filled mostly with the chopped up body parts and skulls from Secret Weapon.  I think I will be tossing in some Empire heads as well for good measure!

I started to do some preliminary 'ageing' of the edges on the bases.  I didn't get too crazy with this, since I wanted to make sure the designs would have plenty of space!

Soon all the bases had been aged around the corners.

There will be designs radiating out from the central pit.  You can see the sheet metal through the hole cut for the pit.

I am hoping to have four snake heads emerge from the four cardinal directions that go all the way out to the edge pieces...

Time to magnetize these bases!  Out come the refrigerator magnets.

Each base gets a magnet.  Next they will get numbers.

Remember the little snakes from the last post?  Here they are!

Stay tuned for the Pit filler and the designs being carved into the bases!


  1. Did you sculpt all those bases yourself then? How much does a project like this cost? Like, you have to get the amount of putty, magnets, etc

    1. Yes, I did. There is at least $8-10 worth of stuff involved directly with this, as far as sculpey, foam, sheet metal, magnets, etc.

  2. Hey James, long time reader and fan of your work. Quick question about the business card magnets / sheet metal. Where abouts can someone pick this stuff up? I've had terrible lucky at places like Michaels; any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Thanks! :-)

      You can get those at all the office supply stores, and even at Hobby Lobby.