Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cathy's Malifaux Bases

Here's a brand new set of bases that Cathy made for her new Malifaux crew!

She did some really neat work with the sculpey, getting lots of fun little details.  In fact, I kept noticing new ones each time I took an image from a different angle.

The sewer grate is very cool, and the wood platform even has a little knot hole!

Cathy was the first one to carve barrels from a piece of sculpey.  This technique was included in one of the videos!

Cathy loves to make green stuff cobblestones!  I have always had a tough time with that.

Here is the whole set.  I loved how the hand is coming out of the water!  Her first try at using the Secret Weapon Miniatures body parts.

I will take some more WIP images of these with the figures on them next...

Stay tuned!!

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  1. Speaking of bases, did you see this Kickstarter?
    It finished the other day, but they'll be available for sale later. Could be useful in combination with some of your regular basing techniques.