Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wee little skinks

Well, it looks like these guys take quite a beating in the new Lizard book :-(

I am not quite sure what approach I will be using with them.  The previous post did mention small skrox units to house some chiefs to baby sit saurus.  Perhaps it could be another way of scattering vassals around for varieties of Mage Priests, or even Tette-eko.

I know that I would like to have one Trog... points probably will never allow for 2.  That's one way of getting a fast moving vassal that might not die off easily.  These skinks were part of that big Skink Tank which used to be a favorite unit in my army.  It had old metal javelin skinks, new plastic skinks, and conversions of plastic skink archers.

I also have noticed that lots of people are starting to see the potential that I saw in Kroak.  That will likely be my next theme and big sculpting project.

I sculpted him once years ago, and I think I could do something very neat this time around.  His palanquin will be quite elaborate, since he can't be shot at (no need to worry about LOS!).

Here are a few of those converted skinks.  These also became favorite minis!  I just can't bear the thought of abandoning my skinks completely.

I have some Sarus that I might convert to expand on the Temple Guard unit, which is very small right now.  Who knows, I might just do a 'Death Star' unit, which I have never tried.  That always seemed a bit boring to me, and hazardous.  All the eggs in one basket runs very contrary to my play style.

Hopefully I will be able to combine mobility with this, using Rippers, Trogs, Blastadons, and stegs to spread around that Ruination love!!

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