Monday, July 29, 2013

Ticket to ride...

Time for some horses!  Here are some scenes from the Appaloosa video.  Putting out the colors...

Always consult the horse bible!

With the shaded basecoat complete, it is time for some glazing!!!

Finishing off the glazing and shading...

Now it's time for those spots!

Getting started on the markings.  I was very glad that I took the extra time to convert those Reaper Unicorns.  It would have been more difficult to do everything I wanted with saddles and straps in the way.

Each progression made such a difference!

Now they can romp and play together.

I really enjoy painting this particular breed of horse!

I hope you have just as much fun.


  1. They look gorgeous. Question, I see you are making videos of many of the things you post up. Tutorials? any way of getting some at some point? thanks and as always great work

    1. Thanks! This is all part of a kickstarter campaign called The Painting Pyramid. There is an entire section on in it here. I am hoping that by late October, videos will be available to the general public (the backers get theirs first) :-)

    2. oh yea i saw that, sadly a bit too late but I appreciate the response. I will be looking forward to getting to check them out when they do come out to the public. Keep up the awesome work.

    3. I hope that you will be able to glean a lot from them!