Thursday, July 25, 2013

Some like it hot...

Watch your step... it gets pretty toasty if you fall!

Yes, more from the Basing Bonanza.

At least I didn't have to clean up shards of sculpey and gravel over and over! :-)

That base looks hot...

Same for the Vestals.

But wait... more bases for giant spiders!

My handy notepad of doom, with scribbles that let me know how long each segment is, so that I can glance at it while filming subsequent parts.  This lets me have a general idea of how long I might have for each one, since the planned shots are already written down.



  1. Heeey! Nice work on the contrasts. Really captures the lava vibe!

    1. Thanks! It must seem like I am really obsessed with lava :-) It is one of my favorite bases to paint, though...

  2. Dang that's Rad! Lovin' the Lava James. Every time I see one of your lava bases, I always have to sit down and give it a try. Sweet inspirational stuff.

    1. I hope it's as much fun for you to paint them as it is for me!