Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shattered Egyptian temple base... the carving

As we back track a bit with our War Gods of Ageyptus chariot, we go back to base-ics.  Here are a few posts that show how I created the ruined temple base for that project.

It all begins with a very thick piece of baked sculpey.  I wanted this to be a little thicker than normal, since I almost wanted it to look more like a piece of collapsed wall than a floor.  The rough design was drawn out first to arrange it correctly.

I learned the hard way that things like the chariot will cover a huge portion of your base, so you don't want critical parts of the design to be hidden!

The scribing tool is incredibly effective for carving out all these tiny details.  

For the heavier, or deeper cuts, I could either go back over the original cuts again with the scribe tool, or use one of my other wood carving tools (that you have seen in previous basing posts).

Even setting the scribe tool on 'edge' so to speak, is pretty effective.

This angle gives you a better idea of what the cuts look like.

Once all the texture has been carved, it's time for painting!  Stay tuned. :-)