Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Olde House, Part 1

Here is a much smaller version of the house that I constructed a while back.  This one is a bit more simplified as well.  There are no dormers or anything.  It was also limited to the size of the plasticard roof sections that I had :-)

I cut out the sections of foam core to the correct size. I had the benefit of my matt cutterm but you can also do this with one of the metal rulers that has the cork backing.  That keeps it from sliding as you make your cut.  When it comes time to film the video of this project, I will have to use that method.

I started gluing the pieces with a strong elmer's glue (wood glue is ideal)

The sections are now set, as well as a support bar in the crest of the roof line.  I used some painter's tape to keep the pieces stable while the glue dried.

Once all the sections had been glued together, it was time to start making the strips of wood that would   give the house that wood and stucco feel.  This was thin balsa wood.

I measured the various strips and cut them to size...

It takes a little while to get all them in place, but it will be well worth it!
When you do the corner pieces, make sure that you cut one side a little shorter than the other.  This way they will look even once they are attached.

The Tudor look requires some cross bars, etc...

The angles pieces need to be planned out carefully, but they look very cool!

The windows were done with some of the left over cuts.  If I wanted to get more details, I could have used some really thin strips of plasticard for the interior frames of the windows.  But, the idea was to keep it simple!

I decided not to make a chimney for this bulding, since it will see a lot of rough use at the Dragon Shoppe, and I didn't want them to have to worry about not breaking that!

With all the wood planks in place, we need a door!  I will be making one from sculpey that is very similar to what I did for the watchtower.  That and more is coming in the next episode!


  1. Where did you get the roofing? It looks like resin.

    1. There are a few types if textured plastic sheets like this. This was given to me, but I bet you could find it at hobby shops.