Monday, March 25, 2013

Crash Landing

This base was fashioned in honor of the "crashed plane" sculpture that the city, in its infinite wisdom, placed right in front of the main bus/train terminal that leads into Midway Airport.  

I am not sure what it was supposed to be, but it is made of polished steel of some kind, and looks just like a plane has crashed, with the tail sticking up out of the ground.

So, I could not resist making one as a base for the Archon's Venom!

It was a very fun base to make, and must be the most painting I have ever had to do on a 60mm base!

I continued the same "Broken Blade" color scheme and freehand as I have done on the smaller bases.

I also started to slap some colors on the Archon's venom.  Yes, I realize that I will never be able to hide this thing behind cover, but it doesn't seem to matter much with the new rule set anyway...

I figured that I would just have myself some fun with the bases instead! :-)


  1. As a side note to Jim's explanation of the modern art sculpture at Midway Airport, which we both agreed looks like wreckage, as soon as I saw this base, I asked him if it was supposed to be like the "crashing plane" sculpture. Great minds twist alike, I guess. :D

    1. I have been so tempted to paint an airline logo on that thing...

  2. Truelly amazing stuff. I was wondering about your kickstarter project when we could axpect the first dvd in the mailbox?! I'm so motivated to learn from the dvd's and i need to go on tour in 4 weeks.. Would you reccon i could recieve it before i leave?! Anyway still checking your blog everyday and it keeps me smiling :-) .

    1. Thanks! Glad you are enjoying these!

      The first delivery dates are in July. There were some other pledges involving miniatures or exclusive videos that were August/September.