Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Bane of your Existence

Some more Dark Age for you today.  These were some of my favorites, sculpted by Werner Klocke.

These are from the Forsaken faction, painted in St. John color scheme.  I was considering using these for at least one of the painting videos, as the robes are very extensive, with lots of surfaces.  

I thought these would be good candidates for using the powders as a painting/shading tool, as opposed to just weathering.

I always thought that with some conversion, the female versions of these could make good Sisters of Battle!

I discovered a step by step painting guide I had made for these, which I will post tomorrow.  You can see the Shaded Basecoat technique in its earliest stage of development.


  1. Hello, could you say to us which color use you for the green please

    1. It was many years ago, but I think the greens were based on the old GW snot green.

  2. thank you !!! and congratulation for your work

  3. Thanks! I hope that was helpful :-) I think that I used bleached bone and a bit of yellow for the highlights, BTW!