Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our house, is a very very very fine house...

This was a fun project that I got under way when WFB 8th edition first came out.  Not only was more terrain needed, but buildings became much more in demand!

I tried to make this more compatible with the way the game had changed.  Not just the number of pieces of terrain that were needed, but also for the Watchtower scenario, and the new Line of Sight rules.  Since those LOS rules were going to lead to a lot of first turn laser guided cannon shots on your monsters, I wanted to create something that would completely block it.

There's a variety of materials here.  Some foam core, plasticard, bits, balsa wood, even some textured plasticard!

The building is mostly foam core, with the top paper layer peeled off here and there so I could glue on the brick texture!

The roof was made by placing the textured plasticard on some thin cardboard.  The gaps were filled in with cut pieces of balsa wood.

The chimney was made from some bricks cast in plaster.

Here's a good view of both the chimney and the balsa wood shingles on the roof.

The dormer was a little complex, but those really add something to the overall look!

You heard me mention watchtower... this is another feature of the building.  A removable roof! 
One of my pet peeves about that (and units in buildings in general), is that the unit in the building sits off to the side, and you have to hope that the person actually removes the casualties from it.  Also, it's usually very hard for you to see just what is in that unit, or what's left.

So, I made this building large enough to fit my biggest unit inside.  This way, it would be crystal clear what was in there, and how much was left in that unit!

The top floor could also be removed to create either a smaller building, or 2 buildings (I was going to make a roof for the lower floor) in case you get the "set up a small city" terrain roll.

Here's an example of that.  I never finished this off, since we stopped playing WFB in favor of LOTR .  At this point, I am going to make this project more useful for LOTR by adding actual interior pieces, staircases, etc.

I still have to put some flex paste on the exterior walls to give them the stucco look as well.


  1. Very nice, it will look good once painted.

    1. Thanks! It will be very fun, especially if I can make the interiors for LOTR!

    2. Now that's a good idea! It would be very Bree-like.

    3. Of course, I have my LOTR sights set on making a Cirith Ungol for myself :-)