Sunday, December 23, 2012

Close ups of the Celtos mastodon

As the Holidays draw ever closer, we have some close ups of the Mastodon, as promised!

First, however, we have that artwork I told you about.  There were numerous drawings such as this in the rule books of creatures and chariots, etc., which I thought were fantastic.

So, I set about making this drawing come to life.

I won't repeat my descriptions about all the various types of sculpey used from yesterday's post, so I will mostly let you check out the images unabated by my senseless banter!

Some close ups of the howdah, and the figures inside...

The driver...

Ain't this a pretty face?

The driver again.

I am really hoping that the kickstarter reaches its initial goals, since one of the 'down the road' stretch goal DVD's I'd like to make involve sculpting big monsters from scratch like this.  I don't get many opportunities to sculpt things from scratch, and monsters are something I absolutely love to do!!!  It is so much fun.

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