Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A box of bones: An Empire banner bearer from Forgeworld

Finally, we have the last member of the command staff!  For those of you who have seen the previous posts, you know I have been painting all these in the Altdorf color scheme.  I have also taken the opportunity to do some SE-NMM.

You can especially see the Sky-earth in these views of the helmet and chest plate.  It is a lot of fun getting to do that!

What was less fun was the inevitable resin issues.  The pistol of the captain was broken off from the start, so I had to sculpt one.  It was made more difficult by virtue of its octagon shape.  I modeled it after the pistol on this figure.  I was nearly done painting this figure when somehow my finger touched the muzzle and snapped it off!  I still have no idea where it might have gone, but I was not going to waste time looking for it.

So, I made another one.

I will post the group shots tomorrow!  I hope you like them. :-)


  1. Beautiful work man! And you're just showing off with that chrome effect ;)


    1. Thanks! It's always fun to break out the shiny stuff!

  2. Forgeworld brittle resin vs. Fincast sproingy resin... hmmm. So hard to choose which one I like more.

    Great work as usual. I love reading the little anecdotes about the painting as much as seeing the final product. Thanks for that.