Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Work in Progress... the Skink Tank

Today I finally remembered to take pictures of the big skink and kroxigor unit!  Here are a few of those WIP images...

Two of the kroxigors are Reaper figures, from the Reptus faction.  Those are a nice change from the usual GW variety.

This unit has my skink surprises in side, such as the priest, and the hero with the fencer's blades!

A number of the skinks are the old plastic archers.  Many of those were converted to have javelins in their hands, and shields as well.  I tended to use those in the interior, so that there was a better chance to rank them up.  Elevating the kroxigors was also very helpful.  I will be sure to include some breakout images of those as they are painted...

Here is a finished skink to show you what they will all eventually look like:


  1. GOD I HATE this has destroyed many an Empire warrior!! Rich

    1. That is because skinks are MIGHTY! Just look at them!

    2. This is so sweet! I love it!
      Especially your unconventional style of painting your own colour patterns over the borders in the minis.

      What are the stone templates in the bases made of?


    3. Thanks for checking out the blog!! :-)

      There is a step by step on how I do the sculpey bases, which is what these are made of. If you look through some of the other Lizardman posts, you will get many more examples.

      I hope it is helpful!