Friday, October 5, 2012

Those terrible terradons...

These skirmishing movement trays remain some of my favorite movement trays that I have done.  It was very fun, and it really fit the theme of the army.  These were also quite good at holding the miniatures in place, even if they were not magnetized (which they were).

Not only did it allow me to pack and unpack the unit very quickly, it was very easy to move around on the board, with no doubts by either player exactly where they were!  The whole 1/2 inch loose formation thing is not always followed with great precision in a game.  Even more so in a tournament when things are being moved very quickly.

Oh yeah, and the terradons were fun to convert and paint as well!!!


  1. Wow, amazing stuff James. These look right!!! I dont know what that means!!!! But, they look great!