Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Upon closer examination...

We return to Lustria once more to get some close views of the Temple of Blood.

As I mentioned many times, this was more than just a display board.  It was meant to be a piece of playable terrain.  

This post shows the Temple in action:

That battle was actually the first in a four part campaign, which concluded with an even larger battle for the Temple.  This series was based on the original story of the army:

I have a number of articles on the scratch sculpted Engines of the Gods:

My favorite units were my SKrox units... mixed skink and Kroxigors.  I called them my foot cavalry:

I also had a blast sculpting terradons from scratch:

Mage Priest Babo and his guardians:

And my Cold One Riders, who managed to fail 5 consecutive stupidity rolls.  Yes, leadership nine, three D6, pick the two lowest.  They ended up in some trees by the end of the game.

However, they did manage to win a Silver Demon, just one of numerous awards the army brought home!

I can't recall how many were won, but I know that Babo, the Kroxigor, and a number of my units all won Demons, Rogue Demons, and so on.

On the topic of painting for contests... seeing my Lizardman army was yet another reminder of why I don't do that.  What I enjoy is creating scenes like this.

The terrain, the movement trays, the bases, the conversions, even writing the army story.

This is so much more fun, and to me far more long lasting.  I enjoy looking at this (and even using it!) as much now as when it was first constructed years ago.

This is why I would rather paint an entire series of Wild West Exodus posses, and the terrain that goes with it.  We are having all kinds of fun playing the game, coming up with stories and scenarios for battles... and innovating along the way

All of my current techniques were forged in the cauldron of "How the heck am I going to make this vision for the army possible?".

The mother of invention is necessity, and there's nothing like the necessity of creating hundreds of miniatures, bases, trays and terrain boards for an event to spur the little gray cells!!!