Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Handy Hired Hands

Now that you have seen some close ups of the Lizardman army, it's time to get close up on the newest endeavor... the Lawmen of Wappelville!

I just added Warren Earp to the character list, but in this image we have Wyatt and Virgil Earp, along with Doc Holliday, Marshall Berenger, Pat Garrett, and the Hero of Wappelville, Carl Fredrickson.

This set of Bosses, Underbosses and Sidekicks help make the Lawmen even more lethal to all those wishing to conduct nefarious business in Wappelville.

But no posse is complete without some Hired Hands!  This is the basic set of ten hired hands.  Hopefully, I will be able to add some Rangers to this set!

The close combat hired hands have proved their worth on the mean streets of Wappelville more than once.

This part of the Lawmen posse has continued to grow... in fact, one more Interceptor light support is on the way!

This not only provides a lot of speed to a posse that tends to mosey along, but it really boosts the amount of template weapon and long range firepower that can reduce an entire town to rubble in no time at all!

I really look forward to my own version of the "Four Horsemen" when that last Interceptor is complete.  I think a pair of "fire teams" would be extremely deadly!

I was denied the chance to do some hanging with the Judgment in the first tussle with the Enlightened, but I think the next time around, and certain inventor needs to find his way into the mobile jail.  

He keeps playing that Vaudeville music far to loud... it's the Devil's calling card, to be sure!

When you see this coming towards you... it probably the last thing you're going to see!

It looks like I will be getting some more additions to this posse, courtesy of a few stretch goals that have now been reached in the Wild West Exodus 2 kickstarter!  Check them out, since mass amounts of hired hands have been added to higher level pledges for free!!

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