Thursday, March 12, 2015

Climb aboard the Battle Train!!!

Mr. Lathan has been very busy indeed!  Not only has he been working very hard on his Adepticon work, he has been developing this incredible train set for us gamers :-)

As always, making sure there is maximum playability is a priority.  That means the ability to get at the inside of each car.

The exteriors are just as vital, and lots of testing and re-testing goes on here!

I think that we will be able to create many scenarios around this train!  Having this on the table with the train station from Burn in Designs will be epic!

Speaking of epic... here's the set as it has developed thus far!

Now THAT's going to be incredible.  I love those middle cars.

Fine tuning is in progress as this is written.  The prow of the train is being modified, which will likely end up in a more angled, traditional prow.  

However, knowing Mr. Lathan, he would figure out a way to make both prows work, and be interchangeable.  The creative genius at work!!!


  1. I love that these are thought of from a game play perspective, and not just an aesthetic one. It really lets you have fantastic narrative style play!

    1. That's what is so amazing about Lathan's approach... it makes us very sympatico! :-)