Friday, August 30, 2013

Those terrible terradons

With the new Lizard book and a batch of new Terradon/Rippers in hand (as well as some new totems for them to use as aeries), I resurrected the scratch building program of Terradons that was under way years ago.

The painted version on the left was the first completed sculpt.  I used a majority of Apoxy sculpt, with green stuff and brown stuff for details.

In these next few images, you see that I am just getting to that final detail phase.

Showing the underside of the sculpt...

From the side.  I will be adding many more details to the faces with green stuff, such as a tongue, teeth and some eyes.

This next batch never even got that far.  That is good news, since I have 3 sets of Terradon bits that I can use to complete them!  Heads, legs with rocks hanging from them... flaming bolas... you name it!

Here are some more views of the painted scratch sculpt.

I will probably use regular skinks again, but substitute the flaming bola arms for the javelin.

I loved the base on this one!  I think the subsequent bases will reflect the new terrain that I have been building.  I might even have some pieces of the top of a temple pyramid, etc.

These pictures of that first sculpt in its last stages shows you what is to come for the 3 WIP Terradons in progress.


  1. Great sculpts, any more additions to the lizards? Brilliant as usual!

    1. There's going to be lots! Check out the post on Kroak from a few weeks back. A whole new theme to the army.