Monday, April 29, 2013

The view from above.

Some more shots of the Storm Eagle, this time from the top.  This set really made me comprehend just how huge this thing is.  When you see this vast wing span, and what is attached to it, you can understand why it's so heavy.


Getting pins into the wings was tricky, to be sure.  The first time around, I attached the engines to the sides of the hull, and did the wings separately.  This turned out to be much more difficult.  So, I attached the engines to the wings instead, and left them to be painted separately.

It also made this easier to paint, as the main hull weighed less, and the engines didn't get in the way of the brush nearly as much!

The undercarriage was painted in pieces, as were the weapon pods, canopy and front wings.

Still to come are the pictures of this big boy in flight, as well as the extra nose mounted weapons.  Stay tuned!!


  1. That is just absolutely gorgeous. I shy away from weathering my stuff, but those shots make me want to build my storm eagle and try that look. Motivating!

    1. Many thanks! The general principle is not too fancy. The corner surfaces get 'dinged up' a bit with the paint chips, and then the streaks are painted in the places where you would typically see rust, soot, etc. It takes some practice to keep it all under control, as I found out back in the day :-)