Monday, April 29, 2013

A touch of rust...

A dab here, a streak there, here some rust, there some rust, a little bit of staining.  All that helps to make the 'quickie' terrain look a little more normal.

There was nothing fancy here.  I just mixed some reddish brown together with orange and other browns.  As always, time was counting down, so it had to be done very rapidly!

The one nice thing about mixing in those metallics with the craft paints was the textural difference between the rust colors and the metals.  That's great in a lower light environment.

When I get some more time, I want to paint in cracks on the ground sections, and try to put some insignias and numbers on the tanks...

Here's the storage tank glued in place...

I was hoping that I had left enough open space on these pieces so that minis could get up on them and fight!

We shall see, as players use them on the Tuesday Warmachine nights at the Wondering Dragon!

Now for some shots of the terrain by the end of the day/evening...

This terrain is meant to be used, so feel free to use it for your games of Warmahordes!!


  1. Great job. They're coming along well. I think the insignias and cracks will be that final touch that really brings everything to its absolute best.

    1. I have to figure out what generic Warmachine symbols I can use... although Khador might have to be the choice...