Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking flight once again...

OK folks, look what we have here.  This is the second Imperial Fists Storm Eagle.  It had all the torment of the other ones, and then some :-)

I am just glad that it's done!  I will have many more images from various angles over the next few days.

I had forgotten just how monstrous this vehicle is.  It makes the Darke Eldar Razorwing look like a Venom by comparison.

It also weighs a ton.  Huge chunks of solid resin.

I did a few things differently with the second Storm Eagle, so that they would be somewhat distinct from each other.

The top views will show even more of the streaks and scortch marks, and so on.

You can look through the blog posts on the previous Storm Eagle, and how the pieces were painted.

Stay tuned for more!!


  1. What a monster! Absolutely stunning. I love the weathering!

  2. I love how this model looks when it's built, but man is it ever a bear to assemble! I'd built one for my heresy-era World Eaters a while ago, and although I absolutely love how it came out, the phrase that reverberated through my head throughout the entire project was "never again will I subject myself to building this kit". Required rubber bands and clamps and shims and all sorts of nonsense. And you've build and painted two? You're a braver man than I! Hah!

    Stunning work on the Imperial Fists color scheme, and I absolutely love the weathering - as a dropship it certainly needs to look as though it's gone through hell, and yours certainly does! Bravo!

    1. Many thanks for the kind words, and for trading war stories!

      I three of these monsters, if you can believe that. The weathering was a necessity, since that let me hide some of the crazy things I had to do. I even got injured putting the first one together when it virtually exploded on me, sending parts with superglue all over the place.

      I fell over trying to save them, and messed up my wrist.

  3. Brilliant work on this. Your freehand is stunning as always.

    1. Thanks! This guy was certainly a challenge :-)