Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ground level

One more post on the Storm Eagle!  This time from ground level.

The eagle head freehand is definitely my favorite of all the Imperial Fist iconography that I developed for this army project.

The lighter color of the Imperial Fists definitely facilitated the weathering very well.  It has been very cool to work out all sorts of techniques for the weathering!

I love what the streaks and stains do to the logos and icons.  For lack of a better term, it makes them look less 'painted on'...

I did a little change to the fortress icon as well for this vehicle.  That is a terrain piece that I will be making.

It will be a four sided piece, with a modular wall and modular towers for each corner.  Of course, there will be the central tower as well. :-)  Bastion, anyone?

These next few views show the additional nose mounted weapons...

And the missile launcher...

I have some posts coming up that will feature a few amazing miniatures from Raging Heroes, along with some photos of dozens of figures that I have been prepping for the painting videos.  Even more are on their way right now!