Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Something from Raging Heroes

Here is a pretty fascinating figure form Raging Heroes.  This is called Kahn-Urkan, and it is the "Heroic" scale.  The base on which he's standing is 50mm.

So, he's got some very hefty wings!

As with all Raging Heroes figures, he comes with many options.  There is another head, another shoulder armor set, and 4 different weapons!  Not only does this give you some great choices to make it exactly what you would like, you end up with lots of fantastic conversion bits.

I know I will be using one of the extra blades for my Dark Eldar!

What has amazed me about some of these winged figures from Raging Heroes is how well they fit.  It's unreal.  The next miniature I will be featuring had 4 wings that fit so snugly that I had all 4 of them attached with no glue or pins!

That speaks to the quality of the casting.  As usual, not lots of nasty flash.

I am using this snow base so that I can make him into a frost demon.  Should be fun!!!!


  1. How did you do the blueish snow? Just add some light blue paint to snow mix I assume.

    Cant wait to see it finished. Love the raging heroes models!

    1. The snow was painted from a greyish blue up to white. Once this whole piece is finished, I will add some snow flock to get the final texture...