Friday, April 5, 2013

The Incubi take shape!

OK!  Time for some images of the finished Incubi.  As some of you already know (or most!), I converted these from regular Kabal Warriors using Raging Heroes bits, plasticard and other GW bits.

You can see one of the posts here:

These were very fun conversions.  Some of the parts were more difficult to create, such as the Klaives (using plasticard), but well worth it. :-)

I think I even used some WFB beastman horns on a few of the helmets!

Speaking of Raging Heroes, the TGG kickstarter draws ever closer!!!  Here's the latest concept art piece which was just posted today...


  1. This looks cool. I like the green glow coming from the glaives. Very nice touch. It seems like everything really fits, no matter what you've used. You've done a good job indeed.

    1. Thanks! I did try to keep a bit of symmetry from the Dark Eldar to the Tomb Kings in certain ways... and the glowy stuff was high on that list :-)

  2. You could never fire a sniper accurately from that position...