Friday, April 5, 2013

Fallback plan for objective markers

Since time is becoming scarce for getting everything done for Adepticon, I am trying to come up with a few ways of doing the 3 objective markers that I need.  

The original plan was to have Marines impaled on spikes with blood dripping down, etc., and some new slaves chained to the spikes.  I a, not sure I will have time for all that, so I decided to paint up 3 slaves quickly so that those were ready to be put on a more simplified version.

This would likely be bases with mosaics or statuary like some of the bases you have seen on the Venoms and the Razorwing.

You have seen one of these slave girls already, sitting on the back of the Archon's Venom.  These are from Bronze Age Miniatures.

I did a little experiment with the transparent red.  I mixed it with some of the lighter flesh tone colors, which made an interesting pink.  I was able to use this in areas where the capilaries are closer to the surface of the skin.  This was done on the hands and cheeks, and it did help create some interesting effects.

By the way, the blog has now surpassed the 700,000 page view mark!  Many thanks to everyone who has visited!!!

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