Saturday, April 6, 2013

Passing the 700,000 mark with some Incubi!

Here's the next set of converted Incubi figures.  Just as I did with all of them, I used Kabal Warriors, bits and plasticard to create them.

It is amazing to think how quickly the moment approaches when the blog reaches three quarters of a million views.  At the rate things go on a daily basis, that will be reached around the time of another milestone... Adepticon!

I will try to generate the same sort of posts that I did last year, although that will depend on how much internet access I have, and if I have enough time to process the images, etc.  The schedule is very different from last year, so we shall see.

If there are as many triple flyer lists as I suspect there might be, I may not have all that many images to process :-)

These next few images are of the unit Klaivex...

So, another hearty thank you to all who have helped make this crazy blog what it is!


  1. These conversions you've done are really good. It just shows what a bit of creativity and determination can do.

    1. Many thanks! I guess it is also tied to my obsession with armies that cannot look like they are "out of the box" :-)