Friday, April 5, 2013

Asharah's retinue in progress

Here we have some work in progress shots of the Incubi unit that is riding in the Venom along with Asharah, Archon of the Dark Eldar army.

Just as you saw with the Kabal warriors, the shaded basecoat technique was out in force.  These pictures show them just about ready for the glazing and shading stage.

And then the glazing and shading begin...

Just as it did with the Kabal Warriors, the darker shading and tinting makes a dramatic difference.  The tinting aspect is particularly helpful on the trophies and helmets, because I can create lots of new color themes from a very basic starting color.

I added some glowing symbols on the Klaives, and then did some blood.

 I will start posting some of the finished images tomorrow... stay tuned!


  1. Very nicely painted! ^^ Definitely an inspiration to me to up my game. Currently building a Word Bearers / Black Legion army and just finished my Dark Apostle which is on my blog. =)

  2. Can you explain how you do the glaives? I don't understand how you've basecoated it like it's glowing, then you've got it looking as if the glow was just in crevices. It looks awesome, but I just don't understand lol

    1. The smaller glowing stuff was painted after the main blade colors were done. They are little glowing glyphs and runes.

      BTW, lots of Vallejo flourescents were used. If you look through the Tomb Kings posts, you will see tones of posts about that paint! :-)