Sunday, November 11, 2012

Using Raging Heroes bits to make an Incubus

Here is that Incubus test I promised.  The metal parts are left over from my Raging Heroes Archon.

I used some plasticard to create the Klaive.  The body and torso are from the standard Kabalite warrior kit. I was very glad that this test worked out, since some boxes of Kabal warriors had been generously donated to the cause.  I may even substitute a small squad of these for the Archon court.

I still have one more extra head from that Raging Heroes figure, so I will be making one more of these using that bit.  The rest will use various Kabal bits in different combinations.


  1. Cool conversion- I'd love to see this painted up! :)

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to doing some glowing effects on the blade!