Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter's coming... work in progress Chaos Dwarfs

This was  project for a small blood bowl league that never quite got off the ground.

I had made the stadium many years ago.  There is a previous post with a few pictures of the Glacier Dome, and all the mischevious penguin fans inside.

This is more about the new miniatures I had been painting for the team.  The original Juneau Icebergs were a chaos dwarf team.  They were the very first minis I ever tried to paint back in 1995.

I was very interested in trying to reprise that old team, knowing what I know now!

The colors of the team are very similar, but I had learned so much since that first try!  Just the flesh tones alone were so different, as I did each figure with a different shade.

Also, the bases were a good deal fancier, using some baked sculpey to simulate the ice.

When I get a chance to continue working on this set of figures, I will be sure to make another blog post!

The bases themselves will be getting a heavy dose of gloss coat, similar to what I did on the Impact Hockey players a while back.

I also have a coach figure riding on a polar bear that is hilarious!  You're going to like that one. :-)

Here's the team out on the field.

As always, I love making logos, and this was very fun!

It's too bad the league did not take off, since these lads were off to a great start...

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