Sunday, December 2, 2012

First step on the road to Adepticon! The color test finished.

Here she is!  It was a bit of a relief to finally have paint on an Adepticon miniature! :-)

I have been assembling, basing and generally prepping the whole army for well over a year.  It felt good to have something that was not grey or white or black or some shade of unfinishedness...

At this point, I think I will work on one or two more figures from this unit before I move on to the vehicles or even the jetbikes.

I hope that you will enjoy seeing this army progress the same way the Tomb Kings did!  Eventually there will even be a display board!  Looking forward to that!

The next figure in line is another Raging Heroes sci-fi Vestal, this time with a shardnet and impaler.  That proved really handy in that test game that Rich and I did.  It helped the tiny squad survive long enough for the Incubi to join in!


  1. Ce proxi d'héquatrixe est vraiment terrible et la peinture n'est pas en reste.

  2. Translation very bad ^^ i like !!