Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finishing the color test figure for the Dark Eldar

Here we have the conclusion of the first Raging Heroes Sci-Fi Vestal.  It is also my first color test miniature for my Adepticon tournament army!

When I last left you, I had everything just about set up for the glazing and tinting stage.  My first step was to take some Druichii violet and Drakenhoff Nightshade and do a series of glazes on the hair and the whip.  The idea was to use the colors I had already painted as a 'backdrop', so that this new transparent layer would tint  colors that were extremely blue towards a purple shade.  This would make it clash less with the red armor.

The whip also got the same treatment, for the same reason.  That is the whole point behind starting out with brighter than needed colors.  

Also at this time, I mixed some sepia with the violet glaze and hit the armor.  The flesh tone was shaded darker by using flow improver to thin down a pinkish/grey mix.  I put that color into the recesses. 

I did a second and third round of glazes to establish the darkest darks.  Once that was done, it was time to work back into the middle tones.  The darkest shades had also been completed on the flesh...

The flesh tones are lightened in the same way as the fantasy Vestal from earlier in the week, using a Vallejo pale green.  I mixed a warm red color to work into the armor.  The hair got some lighter colors as well, with the idea that some parts of the highlights would be more purple/pink, and others more sky blue.

The flesh tone gets more highlights, and I start to work on the agonizer.  I thought it would be fun to have various colors of lighter dots which would be a contrasting color towards the end of the whip.

Here's an image that shows the pinkish highlights on the hair next to the sky blue highlights.

Final highlights are done on the flesh, hair, pistol and armor.

Color test pieces like this are very challenging.  I ended up switching colors mid stream several times, which is why I could not be more exact in my description of what colors I was using!  As I was painting this, I had to keep in mind how the Venom was going to be painted, and what colors I would use.

Add to that the notion of painting figures you had not painted before, and it makes things pretty interesting :-)

I will post shots of the finished figure tomorrow!

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