Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Road to Adepticon begins NOW! Work in progress on a color test mini

You have seen a few examples of the Raging Heroes fantasy Vestals, so it is high time that you get to see the sci-fi versions!

This figure is a color test for my Dark Eldar army for Adepticon 2013.  Each squad is going to be a different set of colors.  The basing will be the same for all squads, and here is an example of a painted base.

Starting with the figure, I try to establish the same flesh tone that you saw in the fantasy Dark Elf tone earlier this week.

The hair color is put in place to give me a guide as to how light the flesh tone needs to be.  I mixed a dark blue green with a bit of deep purple, and then used a sky blue to lighten it.

The hair is lightened further, by mixing in some very pale flesh color with the sky blue.

Time to establish the armor color, as well as the agonizer.

The next post will illustrate some of the glazing and tinting which took place.  Stay tuned!

Had to make something quick to chow down on while watching the SEC Championship game!!

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