Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lutin Nation rocks Moria! Part two... meet the Mimes

Now it is time for some individual shots of the Mimes!  First, however, an unobstructed view of the field. I also created dugouts and score counters.

Some close ups of the fans and the extra coaching staff.  Mapping out those gobbo toss plays is a big part of any coordinator's day!!

Ah yes, the fans certainly love their Mimes!

The star goblin bombardier was a favorite freebooter of my own.  Two bombers out on the field at the same time really put a dent in Dwarven plans!!  I also liked to let the opponent get a bunch of players surrounding a bomber, so that a fumble was almost guaranteed.  Lots of extra buys knocked down for free. ;-)

I usually had an extra fanatic as well, although they never were as effective as the bombers.

I used green stuff to make the bandoleer of bombs...

And here is, Charles De Gualle leading the way!

The first batch of regular goblins, featuring Poirot (top hat) and Garcon (baguette).

That loaf of bread felled many an opponent!!

Stay tuned for more features tomorrow!!  Or later today, I should say.