Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is the end near? Making one more Mayan base...

Here is the 80 mm base insert I mentioned in the previous post.  I had to match that set  using whatever materials I had at hand, so out came the pieces of baked sculpey!

I did some rudimentary carving to make the pieces match the individual elements of the original bases.  For this design, I wanted to have more open area for a larger creature to stand on. 

The black sculpey element will be left separate from the rest of the design so that it can be cast more easily.

After all the sculpey elements were made, it was time to break out the oxide paste and gravel!

Here is the 80 mm insert compared to the existing set.

These press moulds were made years ago when I was sculpting some extra decorations for some of my dioamas.  I am currently working on a base set that incorporates some of these!  Should be fun!!

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