Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beware the Mayan Calendar... 12/21 approaches!

Well, if the world does end on the 21st, I don't have to hear about Fiscal Cliff countdowns any more, so there is always a bright side!

This is another Grodnwerks base set to be sold on CMON.

Some of you may have seen one of these bases used on the new Dark Age faction miniature last week.

While I didn't sculpt this set, I had to make a matching 80 mm base for it today, so I will post that later tonight.

It was very strange painting a base set that I didn't sculpt myself!

Stay tuned for the mass of sculpey bits later tonight!


  1. I dont have time for the end of the world.

    1. For Cathy and myself, 12/21 is our wedding anniversary. If I give bad presents, it could be the end of the world for me. :-)

  2. James,

    I love these. The purple and muted tones are really thematic and atmospheric. I certainly hope the end of the world isn't coming, as I'd miss seeing more of these!! :)

    All the best for the 21st!(ie your anniversary)