Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blood Vestal practice...

Here's another Raging Heroes Blood Vestal.  It was the first test miniature of the new camera, as I tried to film that same color scheme that I painted on the color test figure early last week.

It was good practice, as it led me to do some adjustments in the setup to let me look through the magnifier and film at the same time.  The previous camera was much bigger, and would have gotten in the way.

This was good news, as the freehand DVD's and many other titles will need that magnifier :-)

The days count down to the initial proposal to the folks at Kickstarter!

At some point tomorrow or the next day you will be seeing the figure that I want to use for the very first "cornerstone" DVD, also from Raging Heroes.


  1. Hi James, I Really like your color scheme. Could you tell me what mix of colors you used for the skin? Thanks:-)

    1. Thanks! This was actually done with a combination of glazes over a lighter greyish purple color. There are some step by step photos I think of the painting process in the Raging Heroes section of the blog. Also, as the post mentions, this figure was used in the painting drow flesh tones instructional video.

      That is available directly from me, or from Kings Hobbies and